Castle in Mukachevo: walls that breathe with history!


Among the fans of ancient architecture, this castle in Mukachevo called Palanok, attracts more and more attention. The first steps towards the construction of a modern type of fortress were taken at the end of the tenth century. However, creation of Mukachevo castle was not limited in one hundred year. Let’s find more about the history of this amazing architectural ensemble!

History in every corner

The fortress began to build as strong and impregnable fortress, which not only would protect Eastern Europe from possible enemies, but would become a stronghold of trade between the two polar areas of medieval Europe. The first mention of the structure belong to the tenth century. Better known is the historical heritage of the country as the residence of the prince Rakoczy family.

A few centuries later to finish building the ancient walls had Italian architect. The most delicate and attentive eye can catch it in Italian motifs – some fluency, ease and absence of sharp corners look a little unusual for buildings in the rest of Ukraine. Castle in Mukachevo nice stands an unusual style and mood. The final changes were made in the late seventeenth century – then settled here the dynasty Rakoczy. Each brick is impregnated with courage and bravery of soldiers of residents who did not give up before the onslaught of hostile-minded armies.

Current and past in one place

Why come more and more tourists each year to the castle in Mukachevo? The fact that in one place you can enjoy the unique nature at the same time, unusual monumental buildings, which produce a style for ages: here you will see a plaque Medieval and Baroque at the same time. The scale of Palanok is also amazing.


Stitched Panorama