Health resort in Truskavets

Truskavets located in the picturesque foothills of the Eastern Carpathians, and surrounded on all sides by healing coniferous and deciduous forests. It is the most visited and well-known spa resort in Ukraine. Currently in its territory are hosting more than 20 health resorts, boarding houses and children’s camps. Truskavets is a place for rejuvenation of body and soul. Pensions and health resorts of Truskavets every year take up to three hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world.

Truskavets is the world-famous place, which became popular thanks to its mineral waters. The most famous of them – the Naftusya is effective in diseases of the kidneys, liver, biliary tract, endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders. The mineral waters of Truskavets contribute to the removal of stones, as well as normalize the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. Consultation and diagnostics in sanatoriums carried out by high quality experts, individually selected course of treatment based on the unique features and the achievements of modern medicine.

While planning a vacation and rest, you can explore offers numerous health resorts, boarding houses, villas and hotels. Everyone can choose a resort in its disease profile, having a full range of recreational activities. Pearl of the Carpathians harbors many pleasant surprises. Almost every resort has its own well-room with mineral waters. Many resorts have their own spa and pools. Someone goes to a resort to improve their health, while others simply enjoy the beautiful nature.