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Ukrainian cuisine, along with Italian, French, Japanese, Indian, and any other cuisines of the world, may well compete for the championship of taste! Each of them has its own unique imprint of the historical past of the people who invented a variety of dishes. Although, many of the receipts are made from the same products – potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs … Trying this dishes, you will almost always be able to say with full confidence: “I know, whose genius gave to be born this masterpiece!”

Ukrainian cuisine is recognizable all over the world – it is unlikely you will find a foreigner who not heard about the Ukrainian borsch and dumplings. There are dozens of borsch recipes depends on the part of the country! This is probably the only concoction, which tastes even when cooking for one and the same recipe!

Ukrainian flag reflects the essence of Ukrainian land – a clear blue sky above the endless fields of golden rye. Not surprisingly, an important place took flour and bakery products. As already mentioned, along with the borsch are dumplings and pancakes. Dumplings prepared, mostly stuffed with mashed potatoes. Sometimes hostesses make a garlic sauce, but most of these dumplings are served with sour cream to the table. However, this is not the only recipe in cuisine: dumplings are meatless, as well as cabbage, cheese or cherry filling. The same is true for the pancakes, which are also meatless, or served with a variety of jams, jam, condensed milk – for a snack.

There are traditional drinks are variety of homemade liqueurs, cordials and gorilka. The appearance on the territory of Ukraine at the time of sunflower and mustard played an important role in the development of the national cuisine. Since sunflower oil has been used widely in the preparation of national dishes, mustard experienced chefs make seasonings to meat hot and cold dishes.

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