Rest in Ukraine, 6 days tour by express trains

from 215 USD
01.10.2016 – 30.04.2017

If you are limited in financial terms, but want to make a winter rest, Ukraine will be an excellent budget solution. Want to join Europe, see beautiful classical architecture? Then, beloved by millions Lviv – at your service. We arranged the perfect tour that will appeal to a whole family! You will be able to experience the unforgettable emotions, enjoying the mountain snow peaks and amazing scenery in the Carpathians.

Also, if you are not tired of the city, we offer a much better understand the western regions of our country. Here every corner just breathes history, cozy cafes, the scent of coffee and chocolate in the center, you probably already know that the regional center, which historically referred to as a lion. You will definitely enjoy the kindness of the local population, and got here on a winter rest in Ukraine, you will understand exactly what many tourists from around the world and different parts of our country are dreaming to get here for Christmas. Perfectly composed tourism program allows for only three days to learn all the secrets of the Carpathians and the surrounding area. We took care of the organization and the choice of hotels for your stay here is not clouded.

Tour program:

Winter rest in Ukraine to Kiev-Lviv-Mukachevo Castle-Kosino SPA resort-Tasting wines- Pylypets Ski resort

  • 1st Day
    We propose you one week tour of Ukraine. This is Combined tour (bus and walking) “Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine”. You will see the Victory Square, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral, Golden Gates, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral, Independence Square, Khreschatyk Street and panoramic view of Kyiv from People’s Friendship Arch.
    Transfer to railway station.
    17:30 Departure.
    22:30 Arrival in Lviv.
  • 2nd Day
    Breakfast in hotel.
    Combined tour (walking) “Walking on the Middle Ages Streets of Lviv”. Visiting Market Square, Town Hall, Pharmacy-Museum, Dominican Church, Armenian Quarter and other objects. You will visit the famous Lviv coffee houses and taste the chocolate. 3 hours
  • 3rd Day
    Breakfast in hotel.
    Transfer to railway statyion.
    08:53 Departure at Lviv.
    12:46 Arrival Mukachevo.
    Road to Chynadievo. There the group visits the hotel “Karpaty”. This palace was built in the end of the 19th century     and appears as one of the most beautiful architecture building in Ukraine. During the weeks tours of Ukraine to see this palace is the best chance to reveal the beauty of your country. The palace was built for hunting and other winter activities. In the hotel you will find more than 50 rooms. Interesting fact& the windows number equal to the amount of the days, it has 52 rooms – the same amount as the weeks in the year, 12 entries which symbolize the month amount.
    In the Berehovo you will see all ancient traditions Hungarians. Just imagine: during the one week tour you will be acquainted with two cultures!
    Visiting Kosyno Thermal, which has developed infrastructure aimed relaxation and includes Center of Spa and   Wellness with thermal baths, massage. Transfer to Kydesh. It is the part of Transcarpathian wine route. During this one week tour of Ukraine you will met with unique scents of the Shoshs’ family wine. You can buy beverages in the family wine-market owned by the third-generation winemaker. There you can try wines made from 60 sorts of grapes.
  • 4th Day
    Breakfast in hotel
    This one week tour of Ukraine foresees transfer to Shypot Waterfall. Relaxing. After that you will met Synevyr Lake. The lake is the biggest one in the Ukraine. It placed in the mountain highs. You will be amazed by the fresh and cool mountain water. The surface of the lake is wholly blue. During this one week tour of Ukraine you will be familiarized with interesting story of the mystic creation of the lake.
    Transfer to Pylypets Ski Resort. Skiing
    Return in Mukachevo Hotel
  • 5th Day
    Breakfast in hotel
    Mukachevo. Excursion to Mukachevo Castle, which is one of the most outstanding monuments of history and military architecture of XIV-XVII centuries. Transfer to Mukachevo railway station.
    Departure at 13:55.
    rrival Lviv at 17:44.
    Check in hotel.
  • 6th Day
    Beakfast in train. Transfer to Kiev by morning express train.
    Departure at 06:37.
    Arrival Kiev at 11:20. Free time in Kiev.
    Transfer to airport in Kyiv.

*Price included: Transfers: airport, railway stations, accommodation with breakfasts, train tickets, English speaking guide, entrance tickets.

Hotel 6 per 15 per 20 per 25 per
*3+In Lviv

Reikartz Medival or Lviv Hotel

4*Premyer Hotel Star in Mukachevo

Single-385 USD

DBL- 309 USD

Single- 306 USD

DBL- 227 USD

Single- 292 USD

DBL- 214 USD

Single- 284 USD

DBL- 205 USD

Order winter rest in Ukraine now and enjoy the journey!